Saturday, August 23, 2014

How to Generate Leads through Google Advertising

There are many ways to generate leads by using Google Advertising, including Google AdWords. This is because it if focused on generating targeted leads that come to your website and can be converted into potential sales. There are some important things to know though to ensure that you maximize your Google advertising budget and get the most leads possible.

How it Works
With a Google AdWords account, you can click campaigns and create a new campaign. Here you can select your geographic targets and name the campaign. You can specify specific languages or areas where you do business. The targeting also allows you to pick keywords for your campaign, which are relevant to your business and website content. From there, you determine how many clicks or leads you might get and then you get an estimated cost from Google. You can also determine where this campaign appears from the Networks menu.

Other Ways to Get Leads
While campaigns definitely deliver leads, you need to also take advantage of other features offered by Google to maximize your online advertising potential. That’s when you can also use call extensions to capture calls from the search results page as well as tracking calls from your website since so many people now use their cell phones to connect once they have done their search.

With your Google advertising, you can display your phone number next to the ad on a search results page, encouraging consumers to call you, which gives you the chance of turning that lead into a sales conversion.  Plus, since the calls are recorded and forwarded, you can track how your campaign is influencing those that see it. This may mean that you will have to make adjustments to the campaign, but that can lead to even more leads thanks to this knowledge.

The advantages are that call tracking can help to optimize Google AdWords campaigns while these other features help to capture and track offline conversions done through phone calls, including determining exactly what made them call – the search engine results page or arrival at the website.

Professional Assistance with Google Advertising
As certified Google AdWords providers, the professional team at Flyline Search Marketing can help you by providing you with targeted campaigns as well as managing your entire Google AdWords account. Find out more by contacting us today!

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