Saturday, August 23, 2014

How to Generate Leads through Google Advertising

There are many ways to generate leads by using Google Advertising, including Google AdWords. This is because it if focused on generating targeted leads that come to your website and can be converted into potential sales. There are some important things to know though to ensure that you maximize your Google advertising budget and get the most leads possible.

How it Works
With a Google AdWords account, you can click campaigns and create a new campaign. Here you can select your geographic targets and name the campaign. You can specify specific languages or areas where you do business. The targeting also allows you to pick keywords for your campaign, which are relevant to your business and website content. From there, you determine how many clicks or leads you might get and then you get an estimated cost from Google. You can also determine where this campaign appears from the Networks menu.

Other Ways to Get Leads
While campaigns definitely deliver leads, you need to also take advantage of other features offered by Google to maximize your online advertising potential. That’s when you can also use call extensions to capture calls from the search results page as well as tracking calls from your website since so many people now use their cell phones to connect once they have done their search.

With your Google advertising, you can display your phone number next to the ad on a search results page, encouraging consumers to call you, which gives you the chance of turning that lead into a sales conversion.  Plus, since the calls are recorded and forwarded, you can track how your campaign is influencing those that see it. This may mean that you will have to make adjustments to the campaign, but that can lead to even more leads thanks to this knowledge.

The advantages are that call tracking can help to optimize Google AdWords campaigns while these other features help to capture and track offline conversions done through phone calls, including determining exactly what made them call – the search engine results page or arrival at the website.

Professional Assistance with Google Advertising
As certified Google AdWords providers, the professional team at Flyline Search Marketing can help you by providing you with targeted campaigns as well as managing your entire Google AdWords account. Find out more by contacting us today!

Thursday, August 14, 2014

How to Find the Best Solution for Online Advertising

With the migration to online advertising and Internet Marketing, many firms have popped up to offer their “expert” services in this area, but it may be difficult to know if they really know what they are doing and whether or not you will achieve quantitative results.

Here are some key questions to ask any online advertising provider you are thinking about partnering with:
  • Can you guarantee specific results with the online advertising campaigns that you create for me? Do you have examples of what you have done in terms of quantitative results for similar businesses to mine?
  • What timeframe will it be for seeing these types of results, including an increase in website and in-store traffic? There will be most likely different timeframes for the various strategies used by your online advertising partner so get information on all expected results.
  • What happens if conversion rates do not increase? It is important to hear what their strategies are in case the conversion rates do not deliver on expectations.
  • How are online advertising campaigns planned? You want to know that they have a clearly researched strategy and understand your industry.
  • Are they certified at all? Look for an online advertising company that has a Google AdWords certification because this means that they have the knowledge and expertise to back up what they do for you.
  • What types of online advertising campaigns do you do? It is important that they show you a portfolio of their work and also provide references that you can check to hear about others’ experiences working with the online advertising company?
  • Do they offer any other types of Internet Marketing services? Having other services like blogging, social media marketing, and public relations can also help you to expand your results, so an agency that offers this could offer a value-added solution for your objectives.
  • Are they available and accessible? Many of these online advertisers only appear to be websites with online assistance. Look for a true partner that you can call and who comes to visit regularly for planning and strategy sessions. These types of partners are truly interested in moving your business forward and understand the need for personal service and regular communication.

Be sure to check out our online advertising services and our comprehensive approach to Internet Marketing by visiting our website and contacting us for more information!

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Bring Your Website Back to Life

You may have had your website a long time and realized that it has stayed the same the entire time with no content changes or design refresh. What happens is that it becomes stale from the lack of attention it is getting. 

And, no one likes stale – your customers or prospects that both realize you have not done anything with your website. It makes them wonder if you take the same approach with your business, including products and services as well as customers.

Over time, even the search engines will notice that you have not done anything with your website. That means you will slip down the rankings, which makes it difficult for your target audience to find your business. That lack of life to your website will really start to work against you as you become less relevant while your competition stays on top because they are regularly refreshing their website.

You can do the same thanks to partnering with an experienced Internet Advertising agency that specializes in marketing, advertising, content, website design and development and social media. At Flyline, we have been helping clients bring their websites back to life with a team of professionals with extensive experience in creating attractive and relevant websites.

With our websites, we include a great tool that allows you to take charge of your website and regularly add content, including temporary pages with seasonal information and specials or new permanent pages as you expand your offering for customers. 

Of course, we can also add content for you while also providing recommendations on design enhancements that make customers feel like they are seeing something new each time they return.

To keep your website fresh, we can also offer other strategies, such as a blog and news page that is updated on a weekly and monthly basis with new information that you can link to your social media presence so customers and prospects always know when your website has something new to offer. 

Then, we can add other relevant content, including a library of informative articles where visitors can benefit from getting help with a problem or are entertained by the prospect of learning something new. This library of resource material can also include videos and photo galleries, which also attract visitors and keep your site feeling fresh.

All of these strategies also help keep search engines in the loop so that they continue to rank you high on the relevance chain in the results, further benefiting your business. If you are ready for a website makeover, contact us now!

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Why, When, and How Should You Use Hash Tags?

You’ve seen these: #.

It used to be something just on your phone to press at the end of a message prompt. Now, it is something that is changing how people communicate and search online.

If you plan on marketing online, you need to know about hash tags and why, when, and how they should be used.

First, there is the why of hash tags. They are used to categorize posts on social media sites plus they help to increase your visibility on those sites and in searches. When posts are grouped into categories, they are easier to find later on when someone is searching on microblogging sites like Twitter. Now, these hash tags are also used on other social media platforms, including Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, Google+ and Flickr.

Hash tags are used to draw attention to a certain subject or topic that has been identified as interest to the target audience and that you can offer some relevant information about. These are often keyword related and can provide a way to better target people on these social media sites.

It is a good idea to use hash tags for specific branding strategies or for a campaign that ties all your social media and marketing efforts together for consistent messaging and brand building. They also work great for contests and other special events.

Use hash tags when they add real value. Some people just use them to use them and this accomplishes nothing in terms of your marketing efforts.  Overuse hash tags and you can actually elicit the same response that spam gets. You will be ignored. That’s why it is important to do research before just adding the symbol to any word or phrase just to say you are using hash tags.

Keep the hash tag to only a couple of keywords to help categorize it accurately. There are some people that make long hash tags. These are not effective and difficult to categorize so they also end up being ignored.

The results from hash tags can be measured because there are hash tag analytic tools that are now available to help gauge if they are working or not. This is important to the online marketing program because you need to ensure that all efforts provide a return on investment.

Are you ready to add this tactic to your marketing program? Find out how Flyline Search Marketing can help!

Friday, June 27, 2014

Website Hosting Solutions

As an expert in Internet Marketing, including website development and Google AdWords, our team has the technical skills to offer an additional service for you, turning Flyline Search Marketing into a true one-stop shop for all your marketing needs.

Once we have created your website for you or even if you already have a website, consider using our value-based, comprehensive website hosting solutions for your business.

Our Website Hosting Plans
Currently, we have three different website hosting service plans. We offer a premium web hosting solution as well as a standard and basic website hosting package.

Our premium hosting solution is designed for companies that are looking for a robust Linux server based, PHP/mySQL website hosting solution. 

The premium hosting package includes full cpanel access with website file back-up capability. Clients may establish up to 20 webmail accounts, 6 FTP accounts, and 3 mySQL databases. Premium Hosting is $49 per month and has the following features:
  • Linux Server
  • Client Receives Cpanel Access
  • Up to 20 Webmail Accounts & Assistance Provided With Cpanel Set-up
  • Regular Website File Back-up
  • Up to 10 Subdomains
  • Up to 5 Parked Domains
  • Up to 5 Ftp Accounts
  • 2 SQL Databases
  • mySQL Database Set-up Wizard
  •  IP Visitor Log and IP Deny Capability
  • Advanced DNS Zone Editor
  • AW Stats and Webalizer Stats
The standard hosting plan is designed for small businesses that need a Linux server based, PHP/mySQL website hosting solution. Standard hosting includes full cpanel access with website file back-up capability. Clients may establish up to 10 webmail accounts, 3 FTP accounts, and 1 mySQL database. Standard Hosting is $29 per month and has the following features:
  • Linux Server
  • Cpanel Receives Cpanel Access
  • Up to 10 Webmail Accounts
  • 5 Subdomains
  • 3 Parked Domains
  • 1 Ftp Account
  • 1 SQL Database
  •  IP Visitor Log and IP Deny Capability
  • Advanced DNS Zone Editor
  •  AW Stats and Webalizer Stats
Finally, our basic hosting package is designed for individuals or small business owners that have one URL they need to host. Basic hosting delivers a solid Linux server based, PHP/mySQL hosting solution.

 It includes cpanel access, up to 5 webmail accounts, 2 FTP accounts, and 1 mySQL database. Basic Hosting is $15 per month and comes with the following features:
  • Linux Server
  • Cpanel Receives Cpanel Access
  • Up to 5 Webmail Accounts
  • 1 Subdomains
  • 1 Parked Domains
  • 1 Ftp Account
  • 1 SQL Database
No matter what plan you select, you can be sure to enjoy 99.9% up-time and responsive, knowledgeable technical support. Each plan can include additional service features by request.

It’s easy to make payments for your website hosting plan with us because we use PayPal and you can complete your purchase right online with this reliable, effective, and secure payment portal via your own PayPal account or through recurring payments through your credit card.

Ready to get started? Contact us now!